Healthy, low-risk mommas can have an unmedicated birth if they choose to. The key is preparation! Our classes give you the information and skills you and your partner need to approach your birthing experience with confidence and positivity.

You might have noticed that your care provider doesn’t have the time to fully educate you during your appointments. What’s more, so many of us don’t know that many other parents and certainly haven’t been to a birth before. This can breed fear and misinformation. Enter the birthing class! You and your birthing partner will leave feeling much more knowledgable (and even comfortable!) with the process of birth, viewing it as an exciting event that has the potential to empower you both, to bring you closer as a couple and to prepare you for the challenges of parenting.

Birth is more than a medical event, it is the moment you welcome a new member into your family. In this class we explore all of the ways that you need to prepare: socially, psychologically, emotionally and physically. You will meet other couples who are on the same journey as you, offering you a chance to form friendships with peers and to hear differing perspectives on pregnancy, birthing and parenting. The friendships you form at this stage in life can last decades.

The key to an empowering birthing experience is practice, practice, practice. Our classes give a lot of attention to the skills you need to feel fully-prepared for both the expected and the unexpected. The more prepared you are, the more you can enjoy the experience itself, safe in the knowledge that you have explored all of your options and have practiced the techniques that will get you through.

Classes are fun, friendly and designed to keep you engaged. Laura maintains an informal atmosphere that allows you to explore sensitive material with kindness, compassion and wisdom.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Classes are two hours long and meet once a week for six weeks.

  • Classes can be as small as four couples and as large as eight. I also teach private classes if you prefer.

  • They take place at a private residence in Saugerties, NY.

  • A good time to start classes is when you are around 20 to 30 weeks pregnant.

  • Send me a message through the “Contact” page to find out when the next session begins.

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