About Laura

Stepping off the treadmill 

Back in 2008 I started to wonder if the life I had built was working for me. Studying for a PhD in psychology and living in Manhatten, I felt utterly trapped. So I put aside everything I thought I knew and stepped into The Mystery.

My first realization was the value of tribe. I began to seek out spaces I could be vulnerable and authentic and it was there that I learned the basis of what it means to be a doula: if you create a space for a woman to feel truly seen for who she is - ALL of who she is - then a magical alchemy occurs. Even in her most challenging moments she exults in the process and feels empowered and inspired by it.

Two very important aspects of my journey have been slowing down and connecting to the cycles of nature. In 2013 I moved out of New York City in search of something I couldn’t quite name. I just knew that in order to live my life consciously I needed to slow down enough to make my decisions with more intention. Spending time in nature has deepened this process. I bring this wisdom to my work both as a Birth Doula and a Soul Doula, helping women to reclaim an ancient wisdom within that has been all but lost.  



discovering my true calling

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I would be a doula, I'd have thought you were crazy. And yet, underneath my left-brained exterior lay an entirely different kind of woman, and uncovering myself has been my greatest act of doula-ing so far.

Working a birth doula is both challenging and utterly incredible. Being with women during a time of such raw power and vulnerability is always a gift and yet, it quickly became clear how disconnected many women were from their own bodies and the wisdom therein. Working with this reality has become one of the cornerstones of my approach, offering women practical tools to reclaim parts of themselves that our society has trained out of us. My work as a birth educator grew out of a realization that women and their partners need a new (empowering) story of birthing, a safe space to explore their fears and a practical hands-on approach to prepare them for the day itself. In my work as a Transformative Life Coach (or “Soul Doula”) I stay incredibly flexible to what each individual woman needs in order to discover her OWN wisdom; if you leave our sessions thinking “I don’t know what I’d do without Laura” then I have failed. My aim is to reconnect you with the kinds of knowing that our society has ignored or labeled as “crazy”, delving into the particular ways that YOU connect to and work with that wisdom. Clients typically work with me for 3 to 6 months and walk away with a deeper and more profound connection to themselves, to others and to a Universal Wisdom.


we are not here to become perfect, but to become whole

Whether you are birthing a baby or re-birthing yourself, there is no perfect way to do it. Instead we learn to stay present, to surround ourselves with people who will support our decisions and to enjoy the journey. In my work as a Birth Doula and Educator and as a Soul Doula I support and guide you as you do the work of coming back into your body, reconnecting to your truth and cultivating your own wisdom. It’s time to rediscover the wisdom that lies within.

I look forward to working with you.