Laura’s gift as a spiritual teacher is clear and I encourage you to create time to dive into your own journey with her. She has a magical way of guiding you back to yourself in the most profound and powerful way.
— Elisabeth, New York

Soul Doula might be for you if:

womb warrior
inner guru


it's time to get more in touch with your inner guru 

  • Perhaps your spiritual practices ended up as yet another thing on the "to do list" that you beat yourself up for not doing perfectly. Perhaps you simply feel ready to go deeper. Either way, it's time to become more grounded in the inner wisdom that naturally flows through you, whatever you're doing. It's time to learn to trust yourself. 
  • You are ready to stop using spiritual practices to bypass your emotions and the messiness of life. It's time to be real, instead of trying to always be positive or "happy".
  • Maybe it feels like spirituality got stuck in your mind as an idea or set of beliefs and now it's time for them to sink into your body. You're ready to walk your talk more fully.
  • You no longer need someone else to tell you what makes you spiritually successful. No more gurus for you, it's time to access the wisdom within. 
river love
Wise owl woman.jpg

you want to re-wild yourself

  • You're starting to crave more nature and/or stillness in your life. You want to simplify.
  • Something in you wants to howl at the moon, hug a tree or roll around in the mud.
  • You like the idea of getting more in touch with your menstrual cycle as a spiritual practice.
  • You've been talking to animals or trees recently, or at least thinking about it...


Photography by Richard Nussbaum (last one by Unknown).