I began my soul doula journey with Laura sensing there was something powerful to be learned, but unsure what exactly it would be. Throughout the weeks we worked together, culminating in the immersive weekend, I discovered truths about life and myself that I could not have previously imagined. Laura’s dedication to empowering and supporting me, gently offering guidance and astute observations, allowed me to surrender to what needed to emerge. The questions, the silence, the homemade meals, the movement, and the reflective practices were all tailored to what I needed in each moment. I have come away from this experience with a clear connection to the divine, to nature, to the rhythms that support my well-being. I encourage you to create the time to plunge into this illuminating process with Laura, who is unquestionably gifted as a guide into the mysterious and essential realm of the soul.
— Annie, Brooklyn
Putting my work with Laura into words is difficult, but I can say that it was one of the most powerful and transformational experiences of my life. I had no prior experience with silence and frankly had no idea what I was stepping into, but something about Laura’s intuition, unyielding support and deep knowing created an instant trust that whatever this was would be an important step for me.

Living in New York City, getting quiet and connecting deeply to myself can sometimes be difficult, which means that it’s easy to live in my head, constantly thinking, but never fully sinking down into where the real knowledge lies. With Laura’s care and guidance, getting quiet and submerging myself in nature opened me up to a whole new understanding and trust of myself; I feel a definite shift. Laura’s gift as a spiritual teacher is clear and I encourage you to create time to dive into your own journey with her. She has a magical way of guiding you back to yourself in the most profound and powerful way.
— Elisabeth, Manhattan
My Soul Doula work with Laura has been a profound gift. It has guided me when I was asking the universe for answers and when I was in deep need of a sister, a guide, a friend who was able to walk into the fire with me to help explore what was there. Laura knows how to navigate this metaphysical space with grace, and helps you connect with whatever it is that wants to be seen, heard or processed. This experience will be different for everyone, there is not one specific prescription and Laura has a deep understanding of this – she works intuitively and listens closely to what your individual needs are. I can undoubtedly say that through our work together I have found a closer connection to my own inner knowing and guide - for that I will always be grateful to her and her work.
— Shannon, Manhattan