Photograph by Richard Nussbaum


The prepAration:

To prepare for our retreat we will meet for two 60-minute sessions, either in person or on Skype (depending on your location). You will already have completed some written questions which we will use as a starting point, along with visualisation, meditation and any other tools that emerge as helpful. Our aim is to understand where you are, where you've been, what is working/not working for you and what might want to be birthed next. These sessions might form the backbone of our retreat, and they might not - we will hold it all loosely, always listening for new information on what wants to happen next. 

The deep dive:

You will spend 4 to 5 days on retreat with me and my dog Charlie, at "The Moon Lodge", my house in the Berkshires, 3 hours from both New York City and Boston. Five days is recommended and four works too – we can discuss what you feel comfortable with and what your schedule allows for.

The setting is designed to take you out of your routine and your day-to-day environment, such that your nervous system can relax and you can begin to experience a re-set.

We will stay in a house together – community is an important part of this experience.

The house is large enough for you to have your own space – autonomy is also important.

During the first 1 to 2 days you will be in silence. You will be encouraged to completely stay away from electronic devises, to sleep as much as your body needs, and to follow your bliss. You will have access to nature, books and whatever else we agree on together beforehand. I will provide you with a safe container to do this in, as well as nourishing delicious food three times a day.

You will come out of silence in a gentle way. Then, from this place of stillness we will dive deeply into our work. That work will be informed by our previous discussions, but will mainly be guided by our moment-to-moment intuitions, insights and instincts. We step into the Mystery together, listening and feeling our way through, always mindful that the plan could change. We might use ancestral work, dream work, meditation, visualization, belief analysis, oracle cards or shamanic journeying - we might discover an entirely new modality that is channeled through us in that moment - this is what feminine wisdom looks like, and trusting it is how we live into it. Because of this, sometimes you will know better than me what wants to happen next, and that’s part of the process. We will navigate these moments gently, parsing apart what is your resistance and what is your inner wisdom showing us both a better way. This is co-creation at its finest - learning to trust your own knowing is so much more useful than learning to trust mine. 


The "postpartum" visit:

As a birth doula I quickly learned the value of visiting a new mother after the birth. It was a chance to witness the changes in her, to tell stories and to validate what she was feeling. It offered "closure" for both of us, and was always a joyful experience. After your Soul Doula journey you will have parts of you that also feel like a new mother, nurturing the seedlings within that have grown and noticing the parts that have fallen away.

And so we will sit, eye to eye and heart to heart, and we will hold it all, witnessing the greatness and tenderness of endings and new beginnings. It might be an hour, it might be two, but it will be deep no matter what. 


Pricing available upon request.