…to connect with nature, with the Magik of Life and with all aspects of yourself.

You're ready to BE in your body and to really sink into your own wisdom.

You're ready to meet the Divine Feminine within you and to bring her into every aspect of your life.

You're ready for Soul Doula

Laura’s gift as a spiritual teacher is clear and I encourage you to create time to dive into your own journey with her. She has a magical way of guiding you back to yourself in the most profound and powerful way.
— Elisabeth, New York

Choose from:

2-3 hour sessions (in person or on Skype)

Either in person (in New York state) or online.

One-on-one retreats (3 to 5 days)

Take place at "The Moon Lodge" in New York state, less than 2 hours from Penn Station.

Photo by Richard Nussbaum (Instagram @richiejayok)

Photo by Richard Nussbaum (Instagram @richiejayok)

You thought you were lost,

Not so.

You are standing in Her Mystery.

Come rejoice in it,

Let me be your guide.

Welcome. I can tell that you've been on a journey already - one that hasn’t been linear and that often feels like a maze. 

Actually, it is a labyrinth.

What's the difference? 

Excellent question. A maze has dead-ends; you can go the wrong way and get stuck. In a labyrinth, though you twist and turn, though you walk in endless circles, and even double back on yourself, though you swear that you have been here before, you have not. You are simply traveling a wonderful, windy road, straight to the center. The center is sacred by its very nature but so is the journey itself. There are no wrong turns; everything is for your highest good.

And yet, and yet… It can feel so damn lonely.

Yes, yes it can. Which is where our work together comes in...


Soul Doula might be for you if:


  • Perhaps your spiritual practices ended up as yet another thing on the "to do list" that you beat yourself up for not doing perfectly. Perhaps you simply feel ready to go deeper. Either way, it's time to become more grounded in the inner wisdom that naturally flows through you, whatever you're doing. It's time to learn to trust yourself. 

  • You are ready to stop using spiritual practices to bypass your emotions and the messiness of life. It's time to be real, instead of trying to always be positive or "happy".

  • Maybe it feels like spirituality got stuck in your mind as an idea or set of beliefs and now it's time for them to sink into your body. You're ready to walk your talk more fully.

  • You no longer need someone else to tell you what makes you spiritually successful. No more gurus for you, it's time to access the wisdom within. 


  • You're starting to crave more nature and/or stillness in your life. You want to simplify.

  • Something in you wants to howl at the moon, hug a tree or roll around in the mud.

  • You like the idea of getting more in touch with your menstrual cycle as a spiritual practice.

  • You've been talking to animals or trees recently, or at least thinking about it...


As your Soul Doula:

  • I walk with you on this heroine’s journey, witnessing you without judgment or “fixing”.

  • I follow you into the darkness and have faith in your process, even when you do not.

  • I hold space for you to experience your own strength and power and to rediscover the miracles in your own life.

  • I listen to the whispers of what wants to happen so that if you can't see the next step, I can.

  • If I don't hear any whispers, I stand with you in the Mystery.

  • I bow to your own wisdom, knowing that sometimes it will be you that knows what wants to happen next.

  • And when all else fails, when there is only blackness, I remind you that every woman who has ever given birth to a child or to herself has felt this too. Let me hold your hand and remind you that you are not alone.

I have come away from this experience with a clear connection to the divine, to nature, to the rhythms that support my well-being. I encourage you to create the time to plunge into this illuminating process with Laura, who is unquestionably gifted as a guide into the mysterious and essential realm of the soul.
— Annie, Brooklyn