Photograph by Richard Nussbaum



This is not a typical teacher-student relationship and neither can it be called coaching or even mentorship. As your Soul Doula I am literally holding space for you while you get in touch with YOUR OWN WISDOM.

I do this in several ways:

I create intentional sacred space. No matter whether we are in person or on Skype, we will cleanse our space with sage, crystals or whatever wants to be used. We might call in the seven directions, invoke the goddess or call in the ancestors - whatever feels right to us both at the time. We do this to establish a time-out-of-time, a place where magic and alchemy can occur, a place where you feel safe and held as you dive into this incredibly brave work.

I trust that the Universe will organically lead us to what you need to work on. As we begin, I listen deeply to where you're at, where you've been and what you already know you know. I try not to predetermine what information is important for you to share with me. Though I might ask the odd question or get you to expand on certain points,

I create a nonjudgmental atmosphere that gives you the best possible chance of telling your story in an uncensored way. My ability to do this is largely the result of doing my own shadow work over several years. Why is this important? Because I have continuously dived into my own darkness I am not divided or cut off from myself and can therefore create a safe space for you to embrace every single little piece of yourself, even the pieces  that might initially be difficult or scary for you to look at.

When I get a sense of what might want to occur in the session I will let you know so that you can run it past your own intuition. We never decide what this will look like before the session begins. Why? My work as a birth doula taught me that, plan as you might, the work of transformation is a magical process that is only revealed step-by-step. Though we might have inklings ahead of time, it is important that we both come to the session ready to be surprised. Why? Because the ego-mind is a crafty lil thing, that likes to use anything for its own purposes, including spiritual practices and so-called transformational methods. By listening to the moment-to-moment whisperings (and watching me do the same) you learn to tap into your intuition - in whatever form that comes.

Examples of the kind of practices we might end up using include: bodywork (can be done long-distance if we are on Skype), ancestral healing work, dreamwork, working with your menstrual cycle/the moon cycle, shamanic journeying, ritual or ceremony, work with goddess or archetypal energies and - if we are in Massachusetts - working directly with nature or doing a sweat lodge/moon lodge together.


WHEN: Each Soul Doula Session is around 1-2 hours. You can set a time or, if you like, we can keep the timing somewhat flexible, as the purpose is to dive into the Unknown together.

WHERE: If you  live anywhere in the Hudson Valley or The Catskills you might want to do your sessions at The Moon Lodge, which is in Saugerties, NY. If you're in New York City I can occasionally meet in Brooklyn. For those of you further afield, I offer the sessions via Zoom or Skype. 

PACKAGE: Single sessions are of course available but if you would like to make it more affordable you can book sessions in blocks of three


1 hour $75

90 minutes: sliding scale $100 - $125

2 hours: sliding scale $125 - $150 

PACKAGE pricing available upon request